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Game Mine Review


Gemstone's Sam I Am  win pictures and points progression.

Gemstone's Sam I Am, earned his first ribbon as a Special going Select Dog on April 18

at the Conejo Kennel Club Show with Handler Beth Whitcher and judge Judith Daniels


First point Lake Mathews Kennel Club 4/29/12

Judge Ms. Sharol Candace Way Handler Robert Galusha


Second Point Bahia Sur Kennel Club 06/16/12

Judge Ms. Diana D. Smiley handler Robert Galusha


Third Point Kennel Club of Beverly Hills 06/30/12

Judge Col. Joe B. Purkhiser Handler Shawna Swanson


4th point Lompoc Valley Kennel Club July 28, 2012

Judge Charles Trotter and Handler Shawna Swanson


5th point Lompoc Valley Kennel Club July 29, 2012

Judge Robert Stein and Handler Shawna Swanson



6th & 7th Point, Santa Ana Kennel Klub September 22, 2012


Judge: Mrs. Marcia Feld Handler Robert Galusha


Point #8 Palm Springs Kennel Club January 6, 2013

Judge: Mrs. Illona J. Chu and handler Robert Galusha


Point 9 Burbank Kennel Club April 21, 2013

Judge, Mrs. Terry Berrios Handler Shawna Swanson.