The new girl in town

She came to Holly House on January 31, 2004

From a litter of 7 puppies

The choice narrowed down to 2 females

Decisions decisions decisions, which one is going home with us??

after much debate we went with the girl on the right!!


I would like to Introduce, Gemstone's Arwen!!

From the side, or

From the front

We thought she was pretty cute!!

Now all that is left is for her to grow up, and for us to go

through all the worries about hips, elbows, etc, and

any of 100 things that puppy owners worry about.

Meet Gemstone's Arwen

Arwen's head on February 4



Arwen on February 24, 2004


 Arwen's littermates


            Flyer1-24                         Remedy 2-17   


Sasha Feb.4                    Sasha March 4




Bosco 2-7                                Bosco March7       



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