December 4, 2003 til January 14, 2013

Tonight, January 14, 2013,  was one of the hardest decisions of my lifetime.  We decided to Let Arwen go. 

She was fighting a good fight trying to beat the Mast Cell Tumor that was removed from her anal gland, and everything was going great until yesterday. 

About 2 pm yesterday she started having trouble breathing and was drooling a lot, about 9 pm I decided to take her to the emergency clinic her in Colton, they checked her over and did not find anything except a low white blood cell count which was expected because of the Chemo.   But while there she started to bleed from her left nostril, and her left eye looked very sunk in. 

We took her home about 11:30 and when we got home she was dripping lots of red blood from her nose, we decide to take her to San Marcos to the Oncologist office which is also a 24 hour emergency vet.  They checked her over, and we left her over night on Ivís and fluids to get her hydrated and try to perk her up.  They kept her until tonight, when they called and said she is showing no improvement and that her nose was continuing to bleed. 

After talking to the vet and with her educated opinion, we think there was a tumor in her head or muzzle that had ruptured, and there was nothing they could do for it without surgery, and radiation, and in the muzzle those are neither one often successful. 

So tonight the decision was made, and we drove to San Marcos and were with her to the end.


Arwen gave so much and asked so little, she was an easy keeper, great to live with, and did everything we asked of her.

She had many fans both inside and outside the ring, and we met many people because of her.

WE have many special memories of her in the Show Ring and she had many SPECIAL people that handled her to some amazing wins.

Over the years those handlers include, Mechelle Stall, that trained her and showed her in her first show and helped pick her from the litter for us, Jeannie Tappen, that showed her as a Special for a year, and took her to the #7 bitch and a top 20 ranking in ARC in 2006, and Shawna Swanson who earned the last single point on Arwen, showed her to 2 BOB wins, and earned her last major to finish her Grand Championship when Arwen was 8 years and 3 months old, among the others that we have enjoyed seeing Arwen with include MariLynn Davisson, Doug Price, Keith Platz, Doug Plemelr, Cheryl Krajcar, Robert Galusha, Perry Payson, Kirsten Tappen, Cameron Holiday, Candra Louthenhiser, Juliet Clendenon, and probably a couple of more I can't think of right now.

They all did a good job, and all had one thing in common, that had to be careful with the bait, or Arwen would nip a finger.

Thanks to each of them for adding to the memories of our special girl, I hope your memories of her are as special as ours are.

Below are some pictures of those special moments we had with her.